Sorry Messages for Her

Find the best sorry messages to write when apologizing to your wife or girlfriend.

  • A girl like you only come along once in a lifetime and I would never intentionally do anything to jeopardize our relationship. I am sorry.
  • I'm so sorry, I was wrong yet again.
  • Please accept my deepest apologies, if necessary, I'll apologize 1,000 times.
  • I'm sorry for being suspicious of you, if I'm going to be in a relationship with you, I need to learn how to trust you.
  • I'm so sorry, it was 100% my fault. I love and miss you so much.
  • You are the most amazing, caring, loving, and hottest girl I know, and I will do whatever it takes to gain your forgiveness. I'm so sorry for acting the way I did.
  • I am so sorry, can we please make up?
  • I've been childish and immature and hurt you. For this I am deeply sorry.
  • I'm sorry for being so possesive of you, you are just such an amazing guy that I get jealous when you are around others that show an interest in you.
  • I know a simple sorry won't be enough to make up for all the pain I caused you, but I hope it'll be a start. I'm so sorry.
  • I'm sorry for hurting you. I promise that I'll try to be a better man for you.
  • My life is incomplete without you. I'm so sorry, can you ever forgive me?
  • Sorry that I haven't been giving you the attention that you deserve; I've been caught up with my work. I want you to know that you are my number one priority.
  • When I say sorry, it's not just another word for me. It means that I feel horrible for what I did and regret it deeply. I'm so sorry dear.
  • I know that I can be very difficult to deal with and it amazes me every day that you've put up with me for so long. I love you and I'm sorry for my attitude, I will work on improving on it.
  • I know that you're probably still angry at me, but I just ask that you remember all of the good times that we've had together, and I want you to know that I am truly sorry.
  • Things aren't the same and it's my fault. I'm so very sorry. I miss you so much and would like to start anew again.
  • I am so very sorry for my inappropriate behavior. I promise to make it up to you 10 times over, if you give me another chance. Can you please forgive me?

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